Older Drivers Very Receptive to New Car Safety Technologies

November 8, 2013

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older driver technologyA new study reports that older drivers are actively seeking technologies that can assist them with tasks such as changing lanes and parking. The study was conducted by MIT and the Hartford Insurance Company to evaluate technology for older drivers.

Types of Technologies

According to the study, older drivers are looking for the following technologies:

  • Blind spot warning systems

  • Alerts for drowsy drivers

  • Crash warning systems

  • Emergency response assistance systems

  • Warning systems when an object is behind the vehicle

Importance of Findings

With the Baby Boomers advancing in age, an increase in older drivers is present in many suburban and rural locations. One report shows that there are about 200 people in Britain that are driving while 100 or older. Additionally, four million people there have licenses that are 70 or older.

In the United States, there are about 22.6 million licensed drivers who are 70 or older. This amounts to about 79 percent of individuals in the age group having a license to drive and 11 percent of drivers overall. Florida’s beckoning of retirees has reeled in 455 licensed drivers alone who are 100 or older, as well as 65,000 drivers between 91 and 100.

Need for Education

While new technologies can provide additional safety features to protect all drivers, some proponents argue that education regarding these features is lacking. Salespeople may need to be retrained on safety features so that they can demonstrate how to use them to potential buyers.

Family Concerns

In some cases, family members may worry that a loved one may be reaching an age where he or she may be unable to drive safely. For these individuals, a suggestion is to have the driver tested by an occupational therapist. This person can review the driver’s medical history, driving history, vision, cognitive ability and motor function.

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