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When your life has been changed by the medical negligence of your doctor, nurse or therapist, things can look pretty bleak. At first you may feel as if no one is taking you seriously. Or perhaps, the guilty party won’t admit that a mistake was made. You’ll want someone on your side that will fight to protect your rights.

Abrahamson & Uiterwyk may be able to help. Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience as personal injury lawyers.

Medical Malpractice Statistics

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that 46 percent of outpatient-based medical malpractice claims were rooted in a mistaken diagnosis. Inpatient-related cases were connected to surgical errors in 34 percent of the medical malpractice claims.

Can a Lawyer Help You?

If you represent yourself, you’ll need to know a lot about your medical condition, the expected standard of care for treatment, how to take a deposition, proper legal procedures to contact potential witnesses and other legal details. If these things don’t come naturally to you, you might want to hire an experienced lawyer to handle your case instead.

Why Choose Us?

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we understand the stress and difficulties involved with medical malpractice. It’s not just your health that’s been compromised; it’s your trust. We’ll fight aggressively for your compensation.

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Time Is of the Essence

There are time restrictions on certain personal injury claims filed in Pinellas County and St. Petersburg. Be sure to ask your Abrahamson & Uiterwyk representative if this will affect your case when you meet for your free initial consultation and case evaluation.

The Abrahamson & Uiterwyk Guarantee

You won’t pay any costs or fees unless we win or settle your case.

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Because of the fact that cases involving Medical Malpractice injuries may be highly complex and exceedingly specific, our law firm commonly works with other law firms who have considerable experience in each particular case type. Thus, we may be referring these types of cases to a separate firm, with whom we typically associate and work with on a co-counsel basis.