Four Common Causes of St Petersburg Car Accidents

December 5, 2013

Car Accidents

causes of st pete car accidentsOver 2.36 million people were injured in traffic accidents in 2012. The majority of these accidents were caused by the same handful of dangers to traffic safety that have been responsible for most car accidents for years, including factors like distracted driving, drunk driving, driver fatigue and speeding.

Distracted Driving

With more people than ever using smartphones and other mobile devices, distracted driving has become a major problem here in Florida. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some 660,000 drivers are using mobile devices behind the wheel at any given daylight hour.

Given the fact that a vehicle traveling at 55 mph can travel the distance of an entire football field in the four to five seconds that it takes to send or receive a text, it’s no wonder that distracted driving is responsible for a significant proportion of the car accidents in Florida, including St Petersburg.

Drunk Driving

With so much information available about the dangers of drunk driving, there’s no excuse for driving under the influence. Nevertheless, drunk driving continues to be a common cause of car accidents, often with tragic consequences. In fact, the Center for Disease Control estimates that roughly 112 million people drive drunk every year.

Driver Fatigue

While most responsible drivers know better than to drive under the influence, many do not realize that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that about 60% of adult drivers drive drowsy at least once year. Over one third of adult drivers actually fall asleep at the wheel over the course of a year.

The high percentage of drowsy drivers out there has some grave consequences when it comes to traffic safety. The NHTSA estimates that drowsy driving is responsible for about 100,000 each year, resulting in approximately 71,000 injuries and 1550 fatalities.


Although some drivers may think that speeding is not terribly dangerous as long as they are otherwise driving safely, driving at excessive speed continues to be one of the most common causes of car accidents according to the NHTSA. Speed-related car accidents cost our economy some $40.5 billion per year and contributed to about 13,040 traffic fatalities in 2007.

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