Study: Most Florida Motorcycle Accidents are Caused by Car Drivers

November 22, 2013

Car Accidents

car and motorcycle accidentsA recent Florida motorcycle accident study shows that the drivers of passenger vehicles are more frequently to blame for motorcycle accidents than riders themselves.

Motorcyclists’ Viewpoint

Motorcyclists say that passenger vehicle drivers do not properly look out for them. Additionally, they believe that distracted driving due to cell phone use is largely to blame for motorcycle accidents.

Passenger Vehicle Drivers’ Viewpoint

People who drive passenger vehicles often blame motorcycle accidents on the reckless behavior of some motorcyclists. They cite dangerous speeding in and out of traffic as a major culprit.

The Statistics

The Florida Department of Transportation study tends to support the bikers’ viewpoint. Many times, drivers of passenger vehicles fail to yield the right of way to motorcyclists. The department analyzed data associated with ten years’ of motorcycle crashes and concluded that passenger vehicle drivers are at fault for 60 percent of motorcycle accidents.

Many of these accidents occur when vehicles are turning left and pull out in front of bikers heading straight. In many cases, motorists may fail to see bikers until it is too late. The Florida Department of Transportation conducted a survey that found motorcyclists reported seeing other motorcyclists all the time while other drivers reported only occasionally seeing motorcyclists.

However, motorcyclists are also to blame in many circumstances. They have a much larger number of single-vehicle accidents compared to other drivers. About 34 percent of motorcycle accidents involve only one vehicle, and about 50 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes involve only the motorcycle and no other vehicles.


 A few steps may help decrease motorcycle accidents. The Federal Department of Transportation suggests motorists look twice for motorcycles. Bikers can help by wearing bright clothing to make them more conspicuous.

Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

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