5 Simple Ways to Avoid a Bicycle Accident in St Petersburg

February 17, 2014


avoiding bicycle accidentsRiding a bike can be a great way to stay active and environmentally friendly while getting around the St Petersburg area.

Unfortunately, it only takes a moment of negligence to be seriously injured in a bicycle accident that easily could have been prevented.

Below we examine five simple ways that bicyclists can stay safe while riding around St Pete and avoid being injured in a bicycle accident.

Follow all posted signs, signals and lane markings

Just because you are on a bike doesn’t mean that the rules of the road don’t apply to you. Unless otherwise posted, bicyclists are expected to follow the same traffic signs and signals as drivers. If you are riding in an area with a designated bicycle lane, be sure to ride within that lane’s markings.

Don’t ride against traffic

Remember, bicyclists need to ride on the same side of the road as regular vehicles. This is where responsible drivers expect to see bicyclists and are prepared to share the road accordingly.

Wear a bicycle helmet

Despite the fact that bicycle helmets have been proven to save lives and reduce serious injuries, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that only about 50% of bicycles actually ride with a helmet.

Ride smart and remember to wear your bike helmet for each and every trip.

Be visible

Just as it is a driver’s responsibility to share the road with cyclists, it’s up to bicyclists to ensure that they can easily be seen while they are riding.

Use your lights while you are riding at night or in low light conditions and make sure that your bike is equipped with the proper reflectors. Wearing bright clothing and reflective strips can also help you stand out.

Be prepared for inclement weather and road hazards

Rain storms can appear without much warning around St Petersburg. Be prepared with appropriate rain gear such as a poncho or rain suit.

Regardless of the weather, be on the lookout for common road hazards like debris, gravel, sand and slick surfaces.

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