Areas of Practice

Car Accidents

For too many crash victims, the vehicle accident itself is just the beginning. Medical rehabilitation can take years, and insurance companies will do everything in their power to avoid payments. You’ll probably want someone on your side who is familiar with the intricacies of traffic law as well as the tricks used by insurance giants. You’ll want who has been here before.

Truck Accidents

Commercial carriers are governed by state and federal regulations. When large transports are involved in traffic collisions, it can complicate the legal process for the victims.  An experienced lawyer should understand the technicalities of federal and state regulations and be able to recognize when opportunities for expanded liability are available. Having a lawyer with previous truck accident experience can be extremely helpful.

Motorcycle Accidents

Statistics tell us that motorcycle crashes result in much more catastrophic injuries on average than collisions between cars. Brain injury, broken bones, paralysis, and even death are often the result. The majority of these collisions are the result of either a speeding rider or an unaware driver. Our team will fight for the compensation you need to recover.

Bicycle Accidents

Every day we see information about the beneficial health acquired by bicycle riding. Unfortunately, riding a bicycle offers little protection in the event of an accident, especially one involving a motor vehicle. A variety of factors you’ve probably never even considered go into a bicycle accident case, from Florida traffic law, to bike design and manufacturing. We have been helping the victims of bicycle collisions for more than 25 years, and we want to help you as well.

Slip and Falls

Trips, slips and falls can happen anywhere. When a serious injury occurs, it is essential yet complex to determine liability. Florida law demands that a property owner maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. Should you need help proving who or what is at fault, having someone with experience in premise liability might just make all the difference.

Dog Bites

Children comprise the majority of dog bite and attack victims. This injury can range from a nasty nip to a brutal mauling. Florida laws make the dog owner fully liable for any damages inflicted by the dog. No matter where you are located in the state of Florida, the lawyers at Abrahamson & Uiterwyk will aggressively fight for you.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is one of the worst possible breaches of trust. Your loved ones deserve to be treated with care, dignity, and respect at all times. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, or financial, our experienced attorneys will fight to hold negligent healthcare professionals accountable for their actions.


Brain Injuries

Head injuries are extremely serious, and even a simple bump on the head can cause significant damage. If brain injuries are not properly diagnosed, symptoms can intensify with time and result in more damage. Due to the long-term nature of many brain injuries, insurance payouts are rarely enough to cover ongoing expenses. You’ll want the know-how of an experienced brain injury attorney on your side.

Product Liability

As consumers, we use home appliances, eat food, take medication, drive cars, and use medical devices every day. We trust that the items we depend on are actually safe to use. Unfortunately, consumers are exposed to defective and dangerous products every day, often resulting in serious injury. Trying to prove negligence on your own with a massive corporation can be daunting. We’re here to help. We’ve assisted over 15,000 people just like you, and understand what it takes to fight your recovery.

Victims of Drunk Driving

Despite the data on alcohol-related injuries and fatalities, people choose to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol every day. At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we strongly support the efforts of organizations seeking to eliminate impaired driving. We also strongly support the rights of the victims injured in this inexcusable accidents. Our professional legal team stands ready to fight for you.

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