Drunk Driving Facts: About 40% of Designated Drivers Drink Before Getting Behind the Wheel

August 2, 2013


designated driverA designated driver is a crucial part of a night on the town because that person is supposed to remain stone-cold sober in order to be able to drive others safely home.

Recent statistics, however, have shown a disturbing number of designated drivers drink. In fact, some reports characterize designated drivers as simply “not as drunk as their friends.”

What is the Law?

In the United States, 0.08 percent is the legal limit of blood-alcohol content. Some jurisdictions have penalties for as little as 0.05 percent, and some other jurisdictions have more severe penalties for higher BAC, such as 0.12 percent.

How Much is Too Much?

A study by the University of Florida showed that driving acumen began to diminish at only 0.02 percent and that a level of 0.05 percent actually meant that the person was unable to drive safely.

In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board release a statement in May calling for all 50 states to lower the legal limit to 0.05 percent in order to more accurately correlate the findings of the study with the law.

In the study of 1,071 people leaving a Gainesville, Fla., bar one night, an astonishing 41 percent of the 165 people who called themselves designated drivers had been drinking. Of those, 18 percent had a BAC of 0.05 or higher, indicating that they were impaired. The study’s conclusion was “… a designated driver should be someone who abstains entirely.”

What Can Be Done

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